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Taking part in Diana's classes has given me the confidence to create beautiful things. It's not just the knitting, but the friendships that have grown through the years as we knit and chat and share as we consult with one another.  Diana is a master at her craft and a wonderful and patient teacher.

-Michele Keleher,  Slingerlands, New York



I could wax poetic about Diana - instead I will just say Diana is the best knitting instructor ever!!!





Thank you so very much Diana, no as yet I haven't started my slippers I am just about finished a shawl I took the Sweetheart Shawl (Jasmine Shawl) internet class with Kristin Omdahi, its been an easy shawl to knit but seeing I haven't knitted for such a long time I have had some problems but there all sorted now.


I saw the Pemberley Slippers (Jane Austen) it was apart of the 2011 Jane Austen knitting book but you could purchase the pattern on its own so I did so will start my knitting of them when I finish the shawl.


I really appreciate your explanation on the pattern so I will keep it safe for when I start my slippers.


Thank you again




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