Let's have a Party!


This the perfect venue for those that have extremely busy schedules.  Between family, home and maybe a job as well, we get bogged down and overwhelmed with responsibilities. But, how about a little time for you.


It has been proven that knitting can help us in some ways that you couldn't possibly expect. Do you need to de-stress? What, no time for a yoga class? How about more serious issues....that few extra pounds that creep up or the need to stop smoking?


Knitting provides that focused attention that helps with those issues. Better than reading, you still have a hand to eat or smoke while the other holds the pages or the Nook. Once you are focused, and together with a few friends, you become more calm and you may even lower your blood pressure by a point or two!


Let's get together real soon and explore the wonderful world of "sticks and string"!

Parties by Diana

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