quote: Really, handknitting is a dreamy activity, built into many people's thumbs and fingers by genes already there, itching to display their skills and achievement possibilities. - Elizabeth Zimmermann
Girls Wiggle Hat by Diana

Together we will work toward the successful completion of any knitting nightmare. With the use of physical and on line classes to enhance the learning experience, we will be able to tackle and conquer all set backs.  Your success is directly related to our creative problem solving and the execution of a solution.


      I have been a knitter and designer of projects for 50 plus years, and began my early career knitting for my school friends. You will find me to be friendly, honest, compassionate, a good problem solver, contemplative and spiritual.


     My contributions to you, our knitting family, is to develop products and services that help you to achieve your knitting goals, and to have a lasting impact on your knitting achievements.


     I invite you to join with me and let me acquaint you with the world of knitting. Let me introduce you to the joy of finding the perfect marriage of fiber to pattern, and then, the completion of that project. The bliss of accomplishment is the same no matter if it is a washcloth, mittens or a complicated lace shawl.

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